Directed by Marta Biavaschi
Produced by Jessica Luz
Written by Josefina Trotta
(based on the homonymous story by Felisberto Hernández)

Director of Photography Bruno Polidoro
Art Director Cristina Nigro
Cast: Juliana Carneiro da Cunha (Margarita)

Country: Brazil / Argentina
Year: 2017
Length: 90 minutes
Genre: Drama
Format: 4K
Language: Portuguese and Spanish
Locations: Porto Alegre (Brazil) and Buenos Aires (Argentina)


A CASA INUNDADA is currently under development and seeking to raise funds.
The project has taken part in the following labs, consulting, and networking platform:
. Laboratório Novas Histórias SESC/SENÁC, Brazil, 2013
. Morelia Lab, México, 2013
. TYPA, Taller Colón, Argentina, 2013
. Script consultancy with Miguel Machalski, Brazil, 2015
. Match Me! Networking Platform - Film Festival Locarno, Suíça, 2016



Federico (40) is experiencing financial difficulties when he receives an invitation to work with Margarita (60) that lives in a flooded house. In exchange, she will finance his career as a writer. The only thing Federico knows about his sponsor is that, after losing her husband, she has been consumed by the obsession of flooding this house.

Margarita’s tragic past slowly becomes an object of investigation and inspiration for Federico. Little by little, he learns about Margarita's past and her husband's death that remains a mystery.
The house, submerged in the stagnant water like a quiet sunken boat, is a special place for creation where isolation, insanity and science intertwine.
It is in this imaginary world of the flooded house, in the water that seem to hold memories of the past, that Margarita’s husband José still lives. Federico delves into these waters, intermingling with José, and rather than writing, he lives the story. Soon the real-life writer becomes a character.